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Flawless solutions perfectly tailored to fit your needs and your business challenges

About Us

INTEGRA’s advisory services approach is centered on partnering with our clients to achieve tangible results and real value. INTEGRA utilizes a "best team" approach, leveraging the right people from a vast and professional network, (our "Core Advisory Team"), to deliver flawless solutions that are perfectly tailored to fit the client’s needs and business challenges, with the commitment to aid our clients to accomplish a competitive edge in finance, management, and operations.

INTEGRA’s Core Advisory Team is comprised of broad network of professional executives and entrepreneurs with very diverse experience in strategy, project and corporate finance, capital formation, management, and operations in different industries, including Real Estate, International Business and Commerce, Finance, Communications, and Manufacturing.

About Integra

Business Strategy

We can help you and your business setting up goals and objectives and the means to achieve them by doing. We do Business Strategy (Tactic and Operative), Planning and Development; Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestures;

Managment Consulting

Achiveing maximum excelence and performace should be the goal of your organization, we that goal our own and help your busines improve performace by analyzing the exisiting operations and developing an improvement plan

Business Process Management

Improve corporate performance by analyzing and re-engineering your business processes implementing cutting-edge technologies to optimize resource utilization making your organization more efficient and effective. With our approach your company will manage change easily

Operations and Management Support

KPI's can help your business ensure that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. Our group of experts can help your organizations to improve performance measurement

Technology Validation

Our Sistems Validation process ensures that your IT systems meet your needs and specifications. Our IT experts will assess your IT tools and validate them against your requirements and/or design based on your documentation. We are experts in regulatory and compliance rules IT infrastructure.

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance

Looking for capital investment? We can help you raise financial capital and be prepared for it. We can provide assistance in Business Valuation, Business Plan Preparation and Evaluation.


For initiatives that require conceptual design and feasibility analysis, INtegra has studied and designed the Pre-integra Process. The Pre-INtegra Process has the following characteristics:

  • Built around Facilitated Sessions;
  • Connected with the Core Advisory Team;

Designed to deliver The integra Business Feasibility and Conceptual Planning Report:

  • Vision
  • Strategy Blueprint
  • Offering (Products/Services)
  • Core Competencies and SWOT Analysis
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Barriers and Enablers
  • Market Assessment
  • Operations Map
  • People, Processes and Technology
  • Financial Projections
  • Action Plan
About Integra

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Flawless solutions perfectly tailored to fit your needs and your business challenges


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